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Fortified wines are young fortified white wines with an alcohol content between 15 and 23º, which is achieved with the addition of wine alcohol. They can have a biological upbringing, an oxidative upbringing or a mixed upbringing.
Fortified wines can be sweet or dry, with intermediate points, which is determined by the amount of alcohol and the aging of the wines.

The most famous fortified wines are the fine, aromatic ones. , Amontillados, Palo Cortado, Manzanilla, Pedro Ximenez and liqueur, Cabeceo or blended wines and they are the majority from Andalusia, especially from the areas of Sherry, Córdoba and Huelva.
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Fortified and amontillado wines are ideal for cheeses and nuts, as well as for quality ham, and you can easily get them thanks to our TCM Gourmet online store. In it you can find a wide variety of them and you can select them to your personal taste.

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