Since time immemorial, human civilization has consumed alcoholic beverages, whether for religious, cultural or recreational reasons. In fact, there is research suggesting that liquor consumption was important in establishing civilization. And, today, liquor is still one of the most consumed products in the world.

Also , with the advancement of technology and the digital age, it is possible to purchase spirits without even leaving home. That's right, buying liquor online today is easy and fast, just a few clicks and you're good to go.

Are all alcoholic beverages liquor?

In general, people do not know how to differentiate between liquor and other alcoholic beverages. For this reason, the term liquor is often used for a variety of alcoholic beverages. However, the liquor has certain differences with the rest of the alcoholic beverages. In order to differentiate them, we have to understand how the liquor is made.

In this sense, some liqueurs are made from the distillation of various aromatic herbs. Others are prepared by making infusions of flowers and fruits. Some are even prepared through the infusion of certain types of wood. The infusions are made in water or alcohol, and later sugar is added to the preparation. Some producers add dyes to the preparation to make it more attractive.

Types of liquor

Also, if you are new to buying spirits online, you should know that there are different types. The differentiation is made based on the proportion of sweeteners and alcohol that exists. In this way, we have the following types of liquor:

Cream: This type has 40%-60% sugar and 35%-40% alcohol.

Fino: With 40%-60% sugar and 35%-30% alcohol.

Sweet: 22 %-30% sugar and 25%-30% alcohol.

Dry: 12%-20% sweetener and 20%-25% alcohol.

< p class='MsoNormal' style='text-align: justify;'>Extra dry: Only 12% sugar.

Also, the Liquor classification can be done based on the  ingredients that were used to prepare it. In this way, we can classify them as simple or mixed. In the case of the simple ones, a single ingredient was distilled or infused. On the other hand, in mixed liquors, different types of ingredients are used in significant proportions.

Famous liquor brands

The liquor industry has a long and interesting history.

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Where Can I buy liquor at a good price?

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