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Rice, pasta and legumes are three food groups considered main in almost all cultures in the world, despite the fact that in each part of the world they are prepared and consumed in different ways.
Their consumption dates back to millions. years in the past, when our ancestors obtained sufficient nutrients and caloric intake from these food groups to carry out their daily activities with energy and stay alive, but of course, healthy. With the passage of time, the calculation of portions has been perfected, and research has been carried out into the best ways to consume each food group according to its benefits.
In addition, it is imperative to mention the fact that, especially rice and Legumes are products obtained naturally from the soil in planting and harvesting processes, which explains why they have been consumed for so long and at the same time, the varieties available, since the climatic and environmental characteristics in each part of the world, gives place to products with their own particularities.
On the other hand, pastas are almost as popular in the world. Originally from European regions and equally popular on the Asian continent, they have been able to reach the entire world through cultural integration, which is becoming more and more common. In all parts of the world today, there are a variety of special presentations that combine their origins with the gastronomic culture of the place where they are found.
If we talk about practicality, the foods included in these three groups are particularly versatile, economical and make Possible millions of different combinations to try in a variety of dishes. In addition, and if that were not enough, its consumption in human beings provides important health benefits.
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