White wine is an alcoholic beverage that is obtained from the fermentation process of grapes. Its tonality can be white or slightly yellow, as far as the flavor will depend on the wine brand. Next, we will give you more detail.

Production of white wine

White wine is prepared from white grapes. However, there are commercial houses that also prepare this type of wine with red grapes. Everything will depend on the brand of the wine in question. It is important to emphasize that for the quality of the wine to be good, grapes must be carefully selected and all those that are not in optimum conditions must be discarded.

This selection process is carried out through a good supervision of the fruit and a specialized machinery. Some small distributors and other wineries carry out this selection process manually to obtain a higher quality wine.

The processes described above are done with the purpose of preventing the grapes from being damaged or, due to transport, fermenting due to the high temperatures of the sun. The machinery for its part, is responsible for removing impurities, seeds and stems to obtain only the pure pulp of the grape; In this way you can avoid bitter flavors that could potentially damage the taste of the alcoholic beverage.

After the grape juice is obtained, the fermentation process is carried out. The sugar present in the must is what determines the alcoholic strength of the wine. Subsequently, the liquid is filtered if necessary, so that the wine can be bottled and prepared for commercialization. In some cases, the wine is allowed to mature to enhance its flavor.

Let's talk about white wine brands

In the market there are many brands of white wine and each one of them is part of the traditional process of fermentation for the preparation and obtaining of the alcoholic beverage. However, as we emphasized before each brand will give the wine its characteristic touch.

There are commercial houses that add fruit flavors to wine and others that vary the fermentation process to control the final amount of sugar the wine will have. Among the most famous white wine brands according to the production area we have the following classification: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Moscatel, Riesling. These are mainly classified in semi-sweet wines, sweet wines and dry wines.

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