Red wine is an alcoholic beverage that stands out for its exquisite and unique flavor that can be sweet, semi-sweet or more bitter. The most exquisite palates will be delighted with our selection of red wines. Keep reading and know more.

Let's talk about the red wine brands

Within the commercial field of wines it is common to find two types of red wine that differ by their preparation. The first type of red wine, is made by the process of carbonic maceration, therefore, usually undergo an aging process. In addition, it is characterized by having a fruity smell and flavor.

The second type of wine, which is the most common, is obtained by de-stemming and crushing, which is carried out by specialized machinery. On the other hand, it is worth noting that these are also classified according to the age of the wine, the sugar content and the type of grape used for the preparation.

As for the brands, it is worth mentioning that there are many in the market and each of them decides whether to manufacture and market young wine, reserve wine, grand reserve wine or aged wine. Among the most famous international red wine brands we can mention Barefoot, Gallo, Sutter Home, Concha y Toro, Beringer, Lendeman's, among others.

We bring you the best selection of red wines

At TCM Gourmet en Casa we bring you a wide range of red wines, and we not only offer you variety, because to provide the client with quality at the best price is our work policy par excellence. Here, you can buy soft, full-bodied red wines with the ease of a single click.

Enter our web catalog and view the presentations and wine brands that we put at your disposal. You can view photos of the bottles of wine we offer, the description of the product and the respective price you will have to pay for the purchase of the same. If you have any questions or problems contact us with confidence, our advisors are here to serve you and to guarantee that your product arrives safely at its destination.

Enjoy a good glass of red wine!

Red wine, unlike other wines and other alcoholic beverages, has a particularity and that is that many cultures tend to accompany meals with a good glass of red wine. This is because the wine cleans all the taste buds and maximizes the flavor of the food.

In turn, it is worth noting that many scientific studies claim that drinking a glass or two of wine a day brings many benefits to the body, therefore, people are happier. What do you expect to have in your liquor store a good collection of the best red wines? In TCM Gourmet en Casa we offer quality in terms of brands.

Wine tasting is not the only pleasure you will get when consuming this delicious alcoholic beverage. When you serve the wine in its respective glass cup appreciates the aroma that it gives off. Subsequently, proceed to taste it slowly. We assure you that you will enjoy!

Do not hesitate to buy red wine online at TCM Gourmet en Casa. We're at your service! Always with good disposition, an excellent service and at the most competitive price in the market.

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