Tequila is an alcoholic beverage distilled from the Mexican lands. It is made based on the fermentation of an ingredient called blue agave (a plant known as maguey). If you want to know more about this brandy, read on and find out more.

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This is a Mexican drink. However, it has become a highly recognized liquor throughout the world. That is why in the market there is a wide variety of tequilas that come in different flavors, shapes and sizes. However, you should know that there are two types of tequila, which are 50% agave tequila and 100% agave tequila.

Maybe you are wondering about the difference between the two. Well, basically the first is a drink that contains agave with a mixture of sugars like sugar cane or corn syrup. In contrast, 100% agave tequila is purer and is what is known as white tequila, aged tequila, reposado tequila and finally, young tequila. 100% tequila tends to be of higher quality.

Regarding tequila brands, we can say that in the market stands out José Cuervo, which is the most demanded tequila brand worldwide. There are also the brands Herradura, Tequila Corralejo and Tequila Molino Viejo.

Each commercial house has its own way of pouring the drink in the different types of barrels to obtain the type of tequila that is desired. Likewise, each of them decides the rest and distillation of it.

Let's talk about the repose of the drink.

In general, tequila is an alcoholic beverage that after passing through its fermentation process, is poured into a wooden oak and left to rest for at least 2 months. However, there are presentations that offer a more aged drink, because it is left in the barrels for 12 months or even 36 months.

White tequila, on the other hand, is bottled 3 hours after its distillation. The tequila reposado, usually aged from 60 days or 12 months. Finally, there is the old tequila, which rests for a period longer than 12 months. The alcoholic degree of the drink will depend on its rest.

Keep in mind that experts indicate that the greater the repose of this alcoholic beverage, the more exquisite and pure its flavor will be. Especially when it comes to 100% agave tequila.

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How is tequila consumed?

There is a wide variety of cocktails that can be prepared with this brandy. This is the case of the famous submarine and the famous margaritas, which are prepared as a cold cocktail of various alcoholic beverages, including tequila. On the other hand it is also common to drink tequila as a shot accompanied by lemon and salt.

Finally, remember that this is a beverage that is enjoyed at room temperature if you consume it on its own. Avoid adding ice, because when it melts the taste of tequila will lose its pure essence. Go ahead and buy it!

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