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The earliest known beer mugs were ceramic, found in ancient Mesopotamia about 3,500 years ago. Beer was both a staple of the Mesopotamian diet and transcendent in the rituals and festivals of the time. Clay or stoneware was the material used until approximately 1600 AD, when tin and silver also began to be used. The glass began to be used from 1700 AD. They say that it was the British royal family that imposed glass as the appropriate material for consuming beer, and they commissioned German glassmakers to create characteristic glasses for their house days and various royal celebrations.
There is a wide variety of beer glasses available and each has its own distinctive features. Some are specifically designed to preserve the foam of the beer, others to keep the added gas, so that the odors arrive faster, or even to improve the color of the beer and its optimum temperature. You can find at TCM Gourmet an extensive range of them of different sizes, shapes, quality and design and also with a wider or thinner opening as appropriate.

We leave you with some recommendations so that you can choose yours according to the type of beer you like:

For beers with hops, we must choose glasses with thin glass and a narrower mouth to so that the oxygenation of the beer is slower.

For malted beers, instead, wider cups and glasses and thicker glass are chosen so that the drink can be more easily oxygenated.

For those with a stronger dose of yeast, it is recommended to choose Teku glasses, that is, a hybrid between the wine glass and the Tulipa glass, with a wider base than the opening so that the aromas can be more concentrated and prevents rapid evaporation of flavors.

Count on TCM Gourmet for the best selection of beer glassware, an original and pleasant way to enjoy your drinks.

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