Among all the alcoholic beverages that exist, rum is one of the favorites. Its origins are said to go back to Ancient Greece. One of the first civilizations to produce fermented beverages. But, regardless of its origin, the truth is that rum, thanks to its exquisite flavor, managed to become very popular. Next, we will show you some interesting facts about this drink.

In addition, you will discover where and how you can buy rum at the best market price.

How is the rum prepared?

As we mentioned before, the origins of this drink date back to Ancient Greece. There, there are the first records of the production of fermented beverages from sugar cane. In this sense, rum is a drink that is produced from this plant. Following this line, this drink is made by fermenting sugar cane juice or molasses from this plant.

Next, this fermented mixture is distilled with steel or copper stills at high temperatures. Then, this distilled product is diluted in demineralized water to reduce the alcohol concentration to 35% or 40%. Finally, the product is left to age in copper barrels, but this step is optional.

How many types of rum are there?</strong >

Now, before knowing where and how you can buy rum at best market price. You should know that there are different types. However, the classification of rum is a bit complicated, since it is produced in many countries. And, each one has different laws for the production and regulation of this product. Although, they can be arranged according to the most common varieties around the world.

In this way, we have the following types of rum:

White Rum: It receives this name due to the lack of coloration. It must remain an adequate time stored in oak or cherry barrels. Golden Rum: This drink comes from brandy and has been stored in oak or cherry barrels. Its flavor is slightly stronger than that of white rum. Highly condensed black rum, that is why it has a strong flavor and a dark coloration.

Aged Rum: This Rum will remain in storage for extended periods of more than a year.

Old Rum: This rum has been stored for periods longer than of three years.

Sweet rum: Those rums with a high concentration fall into this category. of sucrose.

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