Cognac (also known as brandy) is an alcoholic beverage that is obtained by distilling the wine and allowing it to age in oak barrels. This stands out for being fine, exquisite and elegant. Here we offer you more data and relevant information about cognac.

A drink for demanding tastes.

As mentioned earlier, cognac is a brandy that is born thanks to the fermentation of wine. Therefore, its flavor will always be fine and delicate, even if it is an economic brandy, the smell will always give off an elegant touch and its flavor will be exquisite in all cases.

There are many cognac brands on the market, however, although they all have a similar flavor they are not exactly the same. This is because some beverages of this type admit additions of oak fiber, macerations of futas, almonds and vanilla. Even some brands choose to darken their color with caramel.

Likewise, there are other brands that use fruits as the main ingredient to enrich and enhance the taste of the liquor. That is why we can find apple cognac, peach, among others.

On the other hand, it is necessary to differentiate that unlike other brandies, cognac is only made with 3 specific grape varieties such as the white grape of Ugni blanc, Folle blanche and Collombard. The cognac most appreciated by the inveterate lovers of this type of alcoholic drink, is the one made from the Ugni blanc grape (also known as the St.Emilion).

An important aspect that you must bear in mind is that, although the cognac is indeed a type of brandy, it is said only cognac to the brandy of this type that has been exclusively made in France.

This alcoholic beverage is usually aged in underground cellars of the area mentioned above, this is because many say that the older and older the drink, the more exquisite it will be. That is why you will find a wide variety of aged Cognac.

However, there is only one problem and that is that the beverage evaporates during aging and loses quantity. This process is popularly known as the part that angels take. It is the price that has to be paid to delight the palate with such an exquisite drink.

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On the other hand, remember that this is a drink that is classified by its rest or aging. So, check the classification of the drink if what you are looking for is a drink of greater or lesser aging. Check their prices and view the description of each bottle of cognac.

The best way to taste brandy is in a thin, transparent glass of small size, as many connoisseurs of the drink point out that, if served in a large glass, the aromas disperse more quickly.

Likewise, they recommend not adding ice, because the cognac will be watered down and lose its original flavor. So, if you want to consume this cold drink and at the same time enjoy its pure flavor, we recommend that you conge a few grapes and use them as a substitute for ice. A true elixir of the gods, serve half a cup and enjoy.

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