Looking for a richer, more complex tequila experience? Then extra aged tequila is what you are looking for. At TCM Gourmet en Casa, we offer a selection of high-quality extra-aged tequilas from some of the best brands, each with its own distinctive flavor profile and notes.

The extra-aged tequila-making process it is much more complex than that of white tequila. After distillation, the tequila is stored in oak barrels for at least three years. During this time, the tequila takes on a flavor complexity not found in other types of tequila. In addition, the oak barrels give the tequila notes of vanilla, caramel, chocolate and spices that make it perfect to enjoy neat or in specialty cocktails.

At TCM Gourmet en Casa, we are proud to offer a variety of high quality extra aged tequilas.

If you are a true connoisseur of tequila then you must try the extra aged tequila. It is the perfect option to enjoy slowly on a special night or to give as a gift to a tequila-loving friend. And at TCM Gourmet en Casa, we have the best selection of high-quality extra-aged tequilas so you can experience everything this drink has to offer.

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