Gin is a distilled liquor of grain that is characterized by its exquisite flavor and strong aroma. Its main ingredient is the infusion of juniper berries and other herbs that, combined make this drink, a true elixir of the gods. Below, we will provide you with more relevant information.

Let's talk about gin.

The gin was born in the seventeenth century in Holland, thanks to an individual of the time, he thought of mixing gin with juniper berries. !! Congratulations!! Undoubtedly, a great discovery that many lovers of this type of liquor appreciate today.

In the market there are different brands of gin that conform to the tastes of each person's palate. However, it is important to make clear that its flavor will vary according to the brand and the country where the liquor is prepared. The countries that are most dedicated to its development are Spain, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands and the United States.

Let's talk about the preparation of the gin.

Gin is a liqueur obtained through the distillation of unmalted barley. This is later enriched with juniper berries and flavored with cardamom and angelica. Afterwards, it is distilled, filtered and bottled for sale.

It is worth mentioning that this alcoholic beverage will have as an addition other herbs that will give it its characteristic aroma and flavor. However, it will depend on the brand and presentation we are talking about. The orange peel, the lily and the cassia bark are some of these herbs.

On the other hand, it is also important to note that there are four types of gin that have been recognized by the European Union.

First, we have the Gin, a drink that is strictly made with juniper berries and agricultural ethyl alcohol, its predominant flavor is the nebrina. Secondly, we have the distilled Gin that stands out for its preparation process, which consists of first aromatizing the alcohol in question.

The third place is the London Gin, which is characterized by being dry and the absence of additives. It should be noted that this is one of the types of gin that is most in demand in the market. Finally, there are the spirits flavored with juniper, a brandy with juniper flavor that is made based on the distillation of cereals.

Premium Gin.

The gin, whatever its brand or presentation, is known as a liquor that exudes prestige and elegance. However, there are commercial houses positioned that are responsible for providing a premium product of higher quality. Among the most important gin brands are Bombay Shapphire, Hendricks, Citadelle, London Gin, Martin Millers, Blackwwod's, G'vine, among others.

The gin can be consumed by itself, very cold. However, many experts point out that this is an indispensable component in the preparation of exquisite alcoholic cocktails. It is very common to prepare the famous and exquisite Dry Martini with premium gin. As it is frequent that the elegant cocktails like Gin Fizz, the Bronx and the Gin and it contain in its composition this exquisite liquor.

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Finally, it is worth mentioning that this drink usually consumes itself cold, accompanied by a few ice cubes. However, there are those who prepare it in cocktails with other alcoholic beverages or that, well, combine it with lemon. Go ahead and try it!

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