Calvados is an excellent choice for brandy lovers. Originally from the Normandy region of France, Calvados is made from apples and is an alcoholic beverage with a long tradition.

The Calvados production process is handmade and carefully supervised. The apples are picked by hand in autumn and pressed to obtain the juice, which is slowly fermented in oak barrels. After fermentation, the must is distilled twice to obtain the final Calvados.

It offers a unique and distinctive flavor that is due in large part to the apples used in its production. Depending on the variety of apples used, the distillation process and the maturation time, each Calvados has its own flavor profile. Some are smooth and fruity, while others are more complex and nuanced.

Calvados is a versatile drink that can be enjoyed in many ways. It can be served neat or with ice, allowing you to appreciate all the flavors and aromas of the brandy. It is also an excellent choice for making cocktails, especially those that require a distinctive and sophisticated touch.

It has become a symbol of French culture and is highly valued by drink connoisseurs around the world. the world. Increasingly, Calvados producers are working to preserve traditional brewing techniques and to protect the environment, which means that consumers can enjoy this unique and distinctive drink in a responsible and sustainable way.

At TCM Gourmet en Casa, you can find a wide selection of Calvados, from the softest and fruitiest to the most complex and nuanced, we have something for all tastes and budgets.

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