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One of the most delicious alcoholic beverages is undoubtedly champagne, a type of sparkling wine that has a Much smoother flavor than most liqueurs. Its exquisite flavor, its bubbly texture and its prestige in terms of elegance, make this liquor one of the most demanded. Here we will provide you with data and more information about the drink.

How is Champagne made?

Champagne is an alcoholic beverage that is obtained thanks to a technique that It consists of a double fermentation. The first fermentation is in a vat and the second in the bottle. The drink is made from exquisite fruits that other wines do not contain. One of these and the most important are chardonnay grapes. In addition, other species of grapes such as Pinot Noir, Arbanne, Petit Meslier and Pinot Meunier.

On the other hand, it should be noted that there are different types of champagne on the market. The taste and quality will depend on the brand of the product. In general, there are 4 classifications of champagne, the first is known as Prestige Curvée, a luxury product that is made from different grape species.

Next, we have the Blanc de blancs champagne, a sparkling wine obtained from the Chardonnay grape. Third, we have the Blanc de Noirs, a white wine that is just as sparkling as the Blanc de blancs. However, the difference is that this is only made from the white-fleshed red grapes of the Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier species.

Finally, we have Rosé champagne, a wine that is made thanks to the mixture of red champagne and pink champagne. Also, it is usually obtained if the red grapes are allowed to macerate.

Without a doubt , this is an exquisite drink to delight the palate. Consume it very cold in a glass glass and avoid adding ice so you can enjoy a purer, more delicious and concentrated flavor.

How to know which is the best champagne?

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Remember that champagne is an elegant and exquisite drink that is par excellence the symbol of joy, party, luxury and distinction. You will love it once you try it!

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