Sparkling wine is an alcoholic beverage of dissolved gas that usually has a shade similar to that of white wine. It is an elegant drink, it has an exquisite flavor and a bubbly texture. In this section, we will explain a little more about the best sparkling wines.

Sparkling wine brands

When you go to order a bubbly wine, look very well at the label of it, because it is this that will tell you what you are looking for. If the label says champagne, it means that it is a very characteristic wine of French origin, which is made with high quality grapes from the area. The cava, on the other hand, is a wine from Spain. Finally, if the bottle says Prosecco, it means that it is an Italian wine.

In our catalog we offer you photos of the wine so that you can appreciate its respective label. If you have any questions, take into account that you can contact us through our customer service form.

Remember that sparkling wines are versatile drinks that can be consumed cold by themselves or accompanied by other foods. Do not hesitate to buy sparkling wine online on our website and delight your palate with a delicious drink.

How do you get sparkling wine?

Sparkling wine, like any commercial wine, goes through traditional preparation work. However, what differentiates this alcoholic beverage from the others is that it goes through a specific process that determines the size and amount of bubble the beverage will have.

The grapes selected for the process of preparation of the drink will depend on the commercial brand of the wine. Champagne and champagne are sparkling wines that undergo a second fermentation inside the bottle. In contrast, the Prosecco label is fermented for the second time in a stainless steel tank.

This process is what causes the wine to achieve a foamy and bubbly texture. It is packaged in its bottle or left in the steel tank, it is added both yeast and sugar, and finally, let it stand horizontally for the necessary time. This is how magic happens.

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Remember that a sparkling wine is an alcoholic drink that is a universal symbol of celebration. A clear example of this is champagne, which is usually used to carry out the toasts of important events.

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