Products with Truffle have gained strength in international gastronomy in recent years, especially in Italy, Spain and France.
If we take a look at history, it is a product that dates back to ancient times, the Egyptian pharaohs included this delicacy in their banquets. The Babylonians prepared truffled meats and the Greeks and Romans also succumbed to their culinary powers.
The black truffle, that is, the black diamond of the kitchen, became so attractive that legends were created about its divine origin. It was even attributed aphrodisiac powers, becoming a precious and highly desirable commodity.
Despite multiple attempts to cultivate truffles, the first fruitful plantations appeared at the end of the 19th century, but it was not until the 20th century that good results were obtained and the life cycle of the truffle began to be studied. as well as the ability to differentiate its species.
On the occasion of the universal exhibition held in Paris in 1855, the black truffle became known worldwide and its excellent culinary properties began to be promoted.
Only the nobility and kitchens of high power were able to include it in their recipes. They were served at the tables of the most refined diners of the time.
In later centuries it was also given healing properties, especially as an antidote against gout and an effective antibiotic.

Where can I get them

The truffle gives a different touch to food. Purchase any of these products accompanied with black truffle in our TCM GOURMET online store and immerse yourself in a unique flavor experience.
The product options with truffle range from spreads, to rice dishes, or foie gras, among others. All truffle products are made by artisans who share our values.
Products with 100% natural truffles, which do not contain dyes or preservatives. The experience and passion for truffles has led us to carefully select a wide range of truffle products that will become the perfect accompaniment.
There are so many ways to enjoy the experience of truffle products in your meals that we have decided to take its essence from the field to the table.
The aroma of truffles will create great sensations in your palate from your dishes. Explore the unique flavor of truffles your way!

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