Olive oil, in our country, is a matter of culture deeply rooted in our way of seeing life. Among its nutritional qualities we can find exceptional organoleptic qualities that provide great health benefits.The country that produces the most olive oil in the world. Why?

Spain is the country with the largest production of olive oil in the world. No doubt about it. It dedicates 2.6 million hectares and produces just under 50% of the world's olive oil. Our country has far exceeded the 1,300 million tons of average annual production of olive oil. It is followed by Italy with 350 tons a year and Greece with 270 tons. If Spain produces so much it is because there is demand. Much. For example, in China: 80% of imported olive oil is basically Spanish. All the Spanish regions produce their own olive oil, and the different altitudes and climates mean that the olives have different varieties and properties. That is why Spanish olive oil stands out among other producing countries, since thanks to the different combinations that can be made with the different varieties, the most prestigious oils are obtained.

 Where do you buy the best Gourmet olive oil? At TCM Gourmet, of course.

You can find oil anywhere, but high quality oil with the accredited seal of EVOO QC, only in specialized online stores such as TCM Gourmet. Our company selects the best oils on the market so that you can get the best Spanish liquid gold.

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