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There are currently more than 100 beer styles in the world. Their aroma, appearance, taste, brewing or ingredients make each beer a unique and different product. In TCM Gourmet en Casa we have a selection of beers online to buy from up to 25 different countries (Belgium, USA, Germany, China, Netherlands...) A special way to travel and discover the flavours of the world without having to leave home. In our catalogue we can find different types of beers: - Ale type beers. These were until the 19th century one of the most popular beers. It refers to those beers that use top-fermenting yeasts ranging from 15-23°C. They have a more intense flavour and their finish can be light or dark. They are especially characteristic of countries such as England or Germany. - Lager family. They are brewed by bottom fermentation with a temperature range of 7-12°C. Although their origin is Czech, they also began to be brewed in countries such as Germany and Austria. Nowadays we can say that they are the most consumed beers in the world. - Wheat beer. They have a high fermentation. Their name can be misleading, as they are not only made from wheat, but 50% of their composition is barley. Known as white beers, they are acidic and sparkling and their production is centred in places such as Belgium and Germany. On the TCM Gourmet at Home website you will find available in sections the most famous beers online from each region of the planet. Take a look at the leading brands and choose your favourites. We work to ensure exceptional service, so our efficient delivery times mean that your order will be at its destination in as little as 24/48 hours or 4-6 working days if it is destined for a major European country.

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