What should I do if it seems that I have received a product that does not correspond to the one from the website?

Please, bear in mind that we have more than 8.000 different products and they all come from different manufacturers. The producers can legally update a product image at any time without the need to notify the brand's distributors. This sometimes can make it difficult for marketing department to update the image immediately. Certainly, the product you have received, even if it is the same as the one published on the website, may have a slightly different image without affecting the quality or content of the product. For this reason, if you are a collector or looking for any special edition, we invite you to check with us before purchasing in case you have any doubts.

Our main goal is the satisfaction of all our customers and to offer a quality of customer service equal to our products, so if you consider that the product received is a totally different product from what you purchased, we appreciate in advance that you inform us about this matter. We would love to solve this issue immediately and arrange a pick-up for the return of your product to our facilities in order to provide you with a refund or a commercial gesture.

What happens if I receive a damaged product?

Our products are handled at our facilities by our staff with great care, but in case that your order is damaged in transit and we are notified by the shipping company, we will inform you and arrange a replacement to be sent immediately.

If when you receive the order, you notice that the box is wet, damaged or shows signs of breakage, if possible, please refuse the delivery and ask to the driver to sign the note of the transport company with the reason of the refusal.


How to create a user account?

To register your user account, you only need to have an e-mail address and choose a password. You can find this option on the icon at the top right on our home page. You can also access from here.

Do not hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter, you will be updated will all the current offers and promotions!

How do I cancel my user account?

Please note that if you decide to cancel your user account, all your personal data will be deleted including your order history. If you prefer us to do it for you, please send this request to You can also contact us by phone from Monday to Friday from 8h30 to 17h30 (except local or national holidays).


Is there a minimum of order?

At TCM Gourmet 2012 there is no minimum or maximum purchase. All our products can be purchased individually.

Do I need to create a user account to make my purchase?

It's not necessary, you can purchase a guest user. However, we recommend you open an account to enjoy the different advantages and discounts exclusive to members.

Is it possible to add products from different sections to the same order?

Absolutely! You can select any product from our different specialised sections.

What is the status of my order?

At TCM Gourmet you will be able to check the status of your order since the moment you make the purchase with an "Order Confirmation" email.

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a second email with your tracking number and you will be able to check the status of your shipment in the of the shipping company website that you have selected.

Please, note that if your payment was made via bank transfer, the payment cannot be verified immediately and your order will be prepared once we have been able to verify it. This will depend on your bank and whether it is a domestic or international payment. Once we have received the payment, the system will send you a "Payment Accepted" notification and the order will be selected and included in the preparation process from our logistic department.

What should I do if I receive my order and it shows signs of damage?

If once received the order you notice that the box or items are damaged or show signs of breakage, if possible, refuse delivery to the driver and request him to sign the transport agency delivery note stating the reason for the refusal.

Please contact us immediately so we can file a claim against the carrier for you and a replacement or refund can be made for the affected items. Please, note that in order to process a claim for breakage or damage, we will need to receive pictures from you in advance, showing the product that has been affected. Moreover, we need to receive pictures of the inside and outside of the box showing the shipping label as well as the goods that have been damaged.

What should I do if I receive my order but it seems that some products are still missing?

If you believe that you have received all the parcels of your order and there are still missing products, please check if your order has been shipped in more than one parcel. In this case, you should have more than one tracking number and some of them could be still in transit to your delivery address.

If you believe that there are not more parcels on the way or you have received them all but some products are still missing, please follow the same instructions from the previous section for orders that have been damaged.

How can I cancel an order?

If you need to cancel or modify an order in the process of preparation, please contact us urgently before the order has been shipped. Once the request of cancellation has been reviewed, you will receive a confirmation from our team.

If the order has already been shipped and is in transit, you will need to refuse the delivery to the driver so the order can be returned to our facility and once received, we will refund you to your payment method.

Can I buy by email?

If you are a company and you need a quotation, you can send us the details to providing the delivery and billing address. The department in charge will prepare a quotation so you can review it and if interested, pay via bank transfer before your order is prepared.

Please, note that invoice for business will only be issued to Spanish companies or professionals. As per nowadays we are a B2C for the rest of Europe, all invoices will be issued in the name of a natural person and prices will include VAT.

How can I download the invoice of my order?

TCM Gourmet will send the invoice as long as the user has given the consent to send it, requesting it to In addition, you can also download it directly from your user account in the section "My orders" where you will find all your orders history.

We inform you that the invoice is not paper based inside our packages, for your convenience in case the purchase is a gift.

Do you have business or professional rates?

If you wish to make a purchase for a Spanish company or you are a professional based in Spain and you need a personalised quotation, we recommend you to contact us at or to 961162891 / 630509353 from Monday to Friday from 8h30 to 17h30. Customer Service will receive your request and it will be transferred to the responsible department.


What payment method can I use?

We accept the following payment methods: Debit/credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex,etc.), national or international bank transfer, Amazon Pay and Bizum.


What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs are automatically calculated according to the destination, the number of products purchased and the shipping agency you selected.

The shipping costs will be detailed throughout the purchase process and can be reviewed before finalising the purchase. Please, bear in mind that they are applied by the transport companies under them premises. The recent increase in fuel costs could have an impact on the prices.

What areas of Spain do you deliver to?

We deliver to mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands. Unfortunately, we do not yet have delivery options to Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands.

To which EU countries do you ship?

We currently deliver to the main countries of the European Union. For countries, delivery times and costs, please visit our "Shipments" section.

What are your delivery times?

Please, note that delivery times depend on the destination and the section(s) in which you have purchased, and are independent of the preparation time required for your order.

The delivery time is calculated from the date of collection of your order by the transport company and not from the date of your purchase.

You will receive an email with the subject "Shipped" when the order has left our facilities and it will include a tracking number to be checked at the shipping company site.

Estimated delivery times do not include weekends or holidays.

Shipping to Peninsula (Spain) 2-3 working days. Transport agencies: GLS, CORREOS EXPRESS.

Shipments to Balearic Islands 4-8 working days. Transport agencies: GLS, CORREOS EXPRESS.

Shipments to European Union 4-6 working days. Transport agencies: GLS, FEDEX, CORREOS.

The estimated delivery time for the United Kingdom could be affected due to the ongoing BREXIT regulations with a delay of up to 14 working days as a result of the obligation of customs clearance on departure from our country and on arrival in the country of destination. Shipping company: PARCEL FORCE.

On which days and at what times are deliveries made?

Depending on the selected transport company, the delivery time may be different. Generally, shipping companies deliver Monday to Friday from 8h00 to 19h00 (except for local or national holidays).

If you require flexible delivery, please contact the selected transport company and arrange your delivery to a collection point.

Can I pick up my order at a pick-up location?

This will depend on the options that each shipping company can provide you when delivering to your country. If you need information about this matter, we recommend you to contact the shipping company personally, indicating your tracking number.

The collection points of the transport companies are usually:

UPS: Collection point.
FEDEX: Collection point.
GLS: Collection point / delivery agency.

What should I do if I was absent at the moment of my order delivery?
How can I change the delivery address?

Please contact the shipping company with your tracking number. Many carriers will usually call, leave an absence notice at your address or send an email with a notification when you were not upon delivery.

If a second delivery attempt is made and unfortunately you are absent again, some carriers usually drop off the shipment at a pick-up point near your location. In any case, we recommend you to always directly contact to the nearest to arrange a new delivery date or a pick up at their office.

If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact our customer service department we will be pleased to assist you.

How can I enjoy free shipping?

We offer our free shipping promotion the third full week of every month.

For shipments to the Spanish Peninsula, it will be eligible for orders over 150€.

For shipments to the rest of Europe, it will be eligible for orders over 800€.

The promotion will be automatically activated in your basket whenever you add products to your basket within the available promotion week as long as the cost of your added products exceeds the mentioned amount. You will be available to see the shipping cost deducted from the total cost before proceeding with the payment process.

Please, make sure that you are not using abandoned trolleys from other dates prior the promotion dates, they will not be eligible. You will need to create a new basket from the start.


How can I return any item from my order?

If you wish to return any of the products you have purchased, please make this request to our customer service department. We will arrange a collection day with the shipping company at your delivery address so you can choose when is the best date and time slot. Once we have received your products, the refund will be issued to your payment method.


What kind of packaging do you use?

Our company uses packaging of our own design. It has been specially designed for the transport of bottles consisting of a reinforced cardboard box with an expanded polystyrene. Each bottle has protection in its packaging. Our packaging has been approved by the UPS Agency for the sale of alcohol throughout Europe, protecting the product against possible impacts, even among them, which allows us to lead one of the lowest breakage rates in the sector (less than 1 bottle for every 5.000 shipped units).

What does TCM Gourmet do?

TCM Gourmet 2012, founded in 2012, is a company dedicated to the commercialization of wines, beers, spirits and gourmet products. The low prices together with the QUALITY AND QUICKNESS of our service, have placed us among the leading companies in the sector. Our service is aimed at the hotel and catering trade, as well as companies and individuals. We have more than 8.000 references of wines, beers and spirits. We have an extensive catalogue of corporate gifts with products specially designed for this purpose. Home delivery service to anywhere in Spain and the EEC. With 1400 m2 destined to the sale to the public and preparation of our orders for e-commerce. Our warehouses are located in Pol. Industrial El Raco C/ Tramuntana 13 A. This large space allows us to provide a GOOD SERVICE to our customers and keep our stock of products up to date. All our shipments use anti-breakage packaging and are insured for breakage and loss.


How do I change the frequency of the marketing emails I receive?

If you wish to receive all the information about new promotions and discounts, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter. Please, remind that whenever you desire you can stop receiving these notifications by selecting the option at the bottom of any of our marketing emails.

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