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With more than three decades of experience, Los Peperetes preserves the essence of a deep-rooted family tradition in the canning industry, which has maintained a single passion: producing the most outstanding canned fish and seafood worldwide.

the genesis of los peperetes takes place in the picturesque fishing town of carril, recognized for its emblematic "carril clams". it all begins in the facilities of an old restaurant refurbished as a workshop.

at the beginning of the nineties, jesús lorenzo crespo, entrepreneur and founder, direct descendant of the first galician canners, perceived that in the market no one was properly valuing the exceptional quality of the seafood and fish from the galician rías. this is how in 1991 he decided to can the best cockles and sardines that he could get his hands on.

using a manual seaming machine, he made around 30 cans a day, impressing family and friends with the quality of his exquisite recipes. once the success of his preserves was proven, he began the journey under the "los peperetes" brand. a few months later, cans of los peperetes could already be tasted in the most distinguished markets and restaurants in madrid and barcelona. today, los peperetes products are on the shelves of markets in more than 30 nations.

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Bonito del Norte en aceite de Oliva Los Peperetes Bonito del Norte en aceite de Oliva Los Peperetes 2
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Los Peperetes Crab 150g

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