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Glenrothes Speyside Ancestors 70 cl

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Ancestor Glenrothes whiskey is matured for 25 long years. Reserve the Ancients celebrated with this whiskey to those who created it and gave understanding a warm welcome with this distillate. Home to Glenrothes, The Manse, was previously home to the Minister of Rothes. Here people of the small town has always been welcome to share wisdom and also a small sip of whiskey whisky.Glenrothes Ancestor is a complex, full and balanced while providing a reminder of home and a tribute to the past whiskeys.
It is illegal to sell, serve or supply any alcoholic drink to a minor under 18 years of age. Drink responsibly.
Pago Seguro
VistaColor ambarNarizEn nose is rich, with hints of fruit compote and citrus notes miel.BocaEn palate is soft with good maturity. It also has a delicious fruity flavor and a hint of licorice. It has a long finish with notes of honey very marked.
Product Name Product Name
Glenrothes Speyside Ancestors
Wine Cellar/Distillery Wine Cellar/Distillery
The Glenrothes Distillery
Designation of Origin/Region Designation of Origin/Region
Life Cycle Life Cycle
Variety/Type Variety/Type
Single Malt
Country Country
Alcohol Content Alcohol Content
Volume Volume
700 ml
Weight Weight
1,5 Kilogramos
Units Units
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