The wines with denomination of Origin, are wines that are characterized by having a legal label that certifies the authenticity and country of origin of the wine in question. A wine of origin will always stand out for its high quality, so keep reading and know more about the subject.

Learn about the Denominations of Origin

The Denominations of Origin are those control systems that are responsible for guaranteeing the consumer a wine of legal origin and high quality.

Authorized wine manufacturers must comply with certain universal regulations to market these alcoholic beverages. Despite this, it is important to make clear that each country is governed by its own quality standards, therefore, the rules may vary depending on the nation you are talking about.

In the case of Spain, for a brand of wine to be legally distributed commercially, it must be sold bottled. In addition, it is essential that there is a territorial delimitation for the elaboration of the wine in question, therefore, the wineries and distributors of these wines must follow a series of rules to guarantee the safe commercialization in the border areas of the country.

Likewise, it is worth mentioning that brands must have a minimum of 10 years of recognition in the commercial market of wines of Denomination of Origin. If all these stipulated regulations are complied with, the legal distribution rights will be met. It is important that you know that, in the case of Spain, we can only find two Qualified Designations of Origin. These are the Priorat and Rioja.

Wines from Spain with Designation of Origin

As we explained before, wines with Denomination of Origin, are certified wines that were made with quality standards of a territorial area. The wines of Spain with Denomination of Origin, as its name indicates, are all those Spanish wines made with raw material exclusive of the Spanish province.

These wines must comply with the conditions described above so that it can be considered as an authentic, legal and high-quality alcoholic beverage for subsequent national and international distribution.

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