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Caviar & Friends Yellow: Ossetra 1kg

Caviar & Friends Yellow: Ossetra 1kg

Our Yellow can is the most powerful flavor of the classic collection. We consider it to be a fantastic option for caviar fans and for those willing to explore a wider and more accentuated range of flavours.

We use a perfectly protected can holder inside a 100 gram box and with thermal accumulators so that your caviar remains refrigerated during the transport process. It will be sent in special transport in Express service 48 hours. In the event that you order more gourmet products with us, it will be treated as an independent order due to its special shipping characteristics. Now you can get it at TCM Gourmet.

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Caviar & Friends
Esturión ruso (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii)
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With 26 different species of sturgeon, the most coveted being the Beluga for its rarity and size, followed by the Ossetra, it is not possible to expect a single farm to perfect the production of all varieties. For this reason we have chosen not to source from a single farm and we have decided that the selection process must be different, guaranteeing the best quality of caviar for each variety. Not being tied to a single origin, allows us to select caviar from the best farms, where ethical aquaculture, quality, exhaustive classification and exceptional genetics are prioritized. This method is essential to select and offer only the best caviar. We currently select Beluga from the Huso-Huso sturgeon, Ossetra from the Acipenser Gueldestaedtii sturgeon and Guba, a hybrid of Acipenser Gueldenstaedii and Acipenser Barii. The time it takes for each of these sturgeon varieties to reach maturity is the main reason for their difference in market presence and value. Beluga caviar takes 12 years to produce, Ossetra 8 and Guba 4.

Ingredients: Sturgeon roe (Fish), salt and E-285.

Average nutritional information per 100 grams:

Energy value/Calories: 1149kj/276kcal


Of which saturated fatty acids : 4.1g

Carbohydrates: 4.0g

Of which sugars: 0g

Proteins: 24.6g


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