Coffee originates from Africa, in Ethiopia where the first coffee plantations were found in the 11th century.

Currently it is cultivated manually in many parts of the tropical zones of Africa, America and Asia and those responsible From this, it was the Dutch, great merchants who realized that their land was not suitable for growing a product that needs a lot of sun and they took it upon themselves to market it and make it known throughout the world.

The process of making coffee requires excellent time and care, both in terms of planting, such as harvesting, drying and roasting the seeds. Only a bad drying of the product could cause bitter flavors and not suitable for consumption.

Our coffees are sold as beans to preserve all the freshness of the coffee, since once ground it loses all its antioxidant qualities and therefore the true essence of this African wonder. Take a look at our TCM Gourmet website and choose which one suits you. You will not regret.

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